The system is designed according to the latest nursing curriculum for clinical nursing training. The system consists of a full-body male manikin, vital signs simulator, non-invasive simulator, with basic nursing and advanced nursing, including: non-invasive BP, auscultation heart sound, respiration sound, bowel sound, simulate carotid artery pulse, etc. It is the latest product inChina.

Features of ECG simulator:

GD/SM900 Vital signs simulator includes “Auscultation, ECG teaching special chest skin”, “Auscultation abdominal skin”, vital signs simulator, simulative electronic auscultator, DC9V external power adapter, etc.

1. 17 kinds of ECG (e.g.: sinus heart rhythm, unifocal PVC, coupled  PVC, atrial flutter, etc )

2. 17 kinds of patient voice (e.g.: cough, vomit, etc)

3. 42 kinds of common heart sound (e.g.: common heart sound, sinus tachycardia, ventricular septal defect, etc)

4. 24 kinds of respiration sound (e.g.: bronchovesicular breathing sound, egophony, coarse rales, etc)

5. 4 kinds of bowel sound (e.g.: normal bowel sound, decreased bowel sound, blood murmur, etc)

6. Large-screen LCD display, vivid and direct-viewing user interface, easy to operate;

7. Auscultation part adopts simulative electronic auscultator and RFID labeling technique;

8. Volume is divided into 5 levels, each can be adjusted individually

9. For auscultation teaching, can connect to voice box, can also connect earphone to play the designated auscultation sound;

10. Flexible power supply choice for SM900: DC9V external power adapter or 6pcs 5#battery;

11. Power saving function: If there is no keying operation within 30 seconds, the LCD backlight would turn off; re-keying operation would turn on backlight;


Trauma evaluation and nursing modules:

1. Breast section and wound suturing care

2. Chest wall section and wound suturing care

3. Abdominal wall section and wound suturing care

4. Closed drainage of thoracic cavity care

5. Drainage of cavitas pericardialis care

6. T-tube drainage care

7. Abdominal draining care

8. Pneumothorax puncture care

9. Thigh trauma incision and wound suturing care

10. Thigh skin laceration care

11. Thigh infective ulcer care

12. Varix of lower limb and ulcer care

13. Foot sphacelus, crushing injury of the first, second, third toe and heelstick care

14. Amputation stump of upper arm and wound nursing

15. Amputation stump of leg and wound nursing

16. Wearable pressure sore care