Ostomy Nursing Model – TM-456 – TECH-MODEL


Modelo de enfermería de ostomía – TM-456 – TECH-MODEL



The model is designed to help introduce the essentials of ostomy care. The anatomy of latero-abdominal median incision, colostomy, ileostomy are carefully re-produced to provide lifelike functions and appearance.
1. The anatomy of colostomy and ileostomy are carefully reproduced to provide lifelike functions and appearance. The model can be operated in erect position or side-lying position.
2. Intubation feeding can be actually operated in the ileostomy.
3. Ostomy care can be operated in the colostomy, including excretion of synthetic stool, irrigation and stool bag care.

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 43x28x44cm, 9kgs