Plataforma sistematica de evaluación de autoayuda para RCP – TMA/CPR580



1. High intelligent cardiopulmonary resuscitation self-help assessment and training cloud platform that is fully compatible to 2015AHA standard. It realizes one-teacher monitoring while nearly 100 students’ procedures and skills practice and examination. There is no mutual influence between students taking the examination and practicing. Service system can simultaneously monitor 100 simulated humans when training and taking examinations.

2. The platform supports CPR skills training. It provides procedures training of verification of safe environment, calling for 120, assessment, etc. It is also available to appraise and examine the position placement, compression skills and  humanistic cares of students.

3. The whole system (simulated human, mobile device, monitoring platform) is wireless connected. Students can scan QR code to register the platform via mobile devices (system supports mobiles and pads of IOS and Andriod). The platform automatically pushes the examination position to students’ mobile devices in accordance with using status of simulated human. Students go for assigned simulated human to train or assess in accordance with information pushed. After training and examination, the platform will push the script to students’ mobile device. Teachers  can check and print the examination results of all the students by monitoring platform. (Word and Excel  printing supported).

4. System offers QCPR training, CPR training and CPR examination.   Training mode, students can finish the training of procedure via mobile devices and platform, simultaneously observing the real-time training status; in the examination mode, teachers can customize assessment standard of the platform, simultaneously observing the examination procedure of all the students. For instance, which cycle operation the student is proceeding. Which step of the single cycle operation (C, A, B) and detailed process execution status. It is also available for students to observe any student’s assessment status, like real-time compression curve, blowing curve, airway opening of simulated human, whether conduct consciousness judgment, whether dial an emergency call, etc.

5. It is applicable for students to collect the statistics, helping teachers to find out common problems of students. In this way, to improve teaching quality.