85CM Tri-sex Torso 21 Parts – TM-204A – TECH-MODEL


85CM Tri-sex Torso 21 piezas – TM-204A – TECH-MODEL


This torso is based on XC-204, add none sex genitalia. Dissected into 21 parts: torso, female breast plate, head, eyeball, brain, vertebra spinal nerves, lung (2 parts), heart (2 parts), liver, kidney, stomach, intestines (2 parts), male genitalia (2 parts), female genitalia with fetus (3 parts), none sex genitalia. Made of PVC plastic. The stomach parts and intestine parts can be replaced by the ones of XC-204. Mounted on base.

Size: 85CM.
Packing: 1pcs/carton, 91x44x36cm, 11kgs